Just Add Quinoa!

I love vegetables. I have no problem eating enough vegetables. In fact, the majority of my calories each day are accounted for by a variety of vegetables – which is not as easy as it would seem when considering how low in calories a serving of nearly any given vegetable is. But what this does is … More Just Add Quinoa!

Friendsgiving Festivities & Food

Thanksgiving and I have a love-hate relationship. I love gathering together and giving thanks with family and friends – and the excuse it provides to cook and enjoy tasty food – but it pains me to think of the incredible amount of animal-based dishes consumed in the U.S. during this time of the year. Thanksgiving can, however, also prove a natural opportunity to share information … More Friendsgiving Festivities & Food

EuroTips: Mastering Transportation While Saving $$

Public transportation throughout Europe is something else. While seemingly eons ahead of the public transportation in the typical U.S. town, functioning as the most popular form of city-to-city or country-to-county travel, it is also not the only way. Deciding which mode of travel to utilize while abroad in Europe can be confusing and deciphering the public transportation can still be overwhelming … More EuroTips: Mastering Transportation While Saving $$

Week Three

Rome. Viareggio. Cinque Terre. Milan. If it was possible to pick a favorite, Tom says his would have been Rome. Thanks to our ultra early ride Tuesday morning, we still had plenty of day left for exploring after settling into our lovely air b&b at Katherine and her husband’s home. With a solid start at … More Week Three

Week Two

Fugen. Venice. Florence. Our time in Salzburg was short and we woke up Wednesday to rain. So we spent a relaxing morning in the hostel lounge booking stays and transportation for the next leg of our trip before catching a local bus to the meeting point for our blablacar to Innsbruck. Miklos was a courteous … More Week Two

Week One

Munich. Prague. Vienna. Salzburg. To be fair, our time in Munich can more accurately be summed up as a day experiencing Oktoberfest. After blablacar ride-sharing to Munich, meeting Tom at the airport, and navigating the public transportation vomit that was not as Berlin-like as I was used to, Tuesday night in Munich was not a … More Week One

Auf Wiedersehen Berlin

I am sad to leave Berlin. It has been an extremely stimulating, stressful, enjoyable, and as always, eye-opening experience. And while I feel like Berlin has given me so much, I know this incredible city still has so much more to offer. It has seen such monumental events and heart-aching stories of the suffering, influence and resilience of its people. … More Auf Wiedersehen Berlin