Just Add Quinoa!

I love vegetables. I have no problem eating enough vegetables. In fact, the majority of my calories each day are accounted for by a variety of vegetables – which is not as easy as it would seem when considering how low in calories a serving of nearly any given vegetable is. But what this does is … More Just Add Quinoa!

Friendsgiving Festivities & Food

Thanksgiving and I have a love-hate relationship. I love gathering together and giving thanks with family and friends – and the excuse it provides to cook and enjoy tasty food – but it pains me to think of the incredible amount of animal-based dishes consumed in the U.S. during this time of the year. Thanksgiving can, however, also prove a natural opportunity to share information … More Friendsgiving Festivities & Food

Berlin Food Finds

In spite of several well-meaning – but unwarranted – warnings about the feasibility of animal-friendly eating in Berlin, I have found it to be the epitome of vegan-food heaven. And I think it’s safe to assume that the world’s largest vegan grocery store chain (Veganz), Europe’s biggest vegan summer festival (Veganes Sommerfest), and world’s first … More Berlin Food Finds

Fourteen Hours

Fourteen hours and counting. Fourteen hours until I begin my journey to Germany, fourteen hours for me to remember all the items I’m forgetting to pack, and fourteen hours to eat all the food in my house! Luckily, I have a fool-proof system for transforming lonely bottom-of-the-drawer ingredients into delicious, ready-to-eat plates. It’s (generally) the closest you … More Fourteen Hours

Challenge Accepted

Vegan is easy. Vegan is freeing and fun and healthy (if you do it right). Gluten-free Vegan is proving to be another story. My last day at the clinic is Saturday, and as is the customary, unspoken parting ritual, I will be bringing a sweet treat to share. This in and of itself would be a fairly new … More Challenge Accepted


Hello blog world, It’s been a long time coming.. but I made it, in style (fashionably late, per usual). With less than a week to go before I depart for my travel writing stint in Berlin, what better excuse to bite the blog bullet and join the rest of the writing world online. And what better … More Cheers!