Friendsgiving Festivities & Food

Thanksgiving and I have a love-hate relationship. I love gathering together and giving thanks with family and friends – and the excuse it provides to cook and enjoy tasty food – but it pains me to think of the incredible amount of animal-based dishes consumed in the U.S. during this time of the year. Thanksgiving can, however, also prove a natural opportunity to share information … More Friendsgiving Festivities & Food

EuroTips: Mastering Transportation While Saving $$

Public transportation throughout Europe is something else. While seemingly eons ahead of the public transportation in the typical U.S. town, functioning as the most popular form of city-to-city or country-to-county travel, it is also not the only way. Deciding which mode of travel to utilize while abroad in Europe can be confusing and deciphering the public transportation can still be overwhelming … More EuroTips: Mastering Transportation While Saving $$