Auf Wiedersehen Berlin

I am sad to leave Berlin. It has been an extremely stimulating, stressful, enjoyable, and as always, eye-opening experience. And while I feel like Berlin has given me so much, I know this incredible city still has so much more to offer. It has seen such monumental events and heart-aching stories of the suffering, influence and resilience of its people. Berlin has much to tell those that take the time to listen.

And I’m not even necessarily the sentimental, history-buff type. Like so many others, I simultaneously thoroughly enjoyed Berlin’s exciting modern attractions. The food and club scene alone would be enough to make me want to stay.

And I learned a lot. I learned Berlin does an awesome – and thoroughly detailed – job at recycling, which travelers should make themselves aware of and abide by. I learned it is important to always carry cash as many places do not appreciate or may not even accept the use of cards – especially for small purchases. I learned that Berlin weather can be as temperamental as a teenagers. If it’s bright and cheery upon waking it’s almost sure to turn a dark 180 by midday.

Tomorrow begins a new type of adventure – three weeks backpacking Germany (barely), Czech, Austria, and Italy with my boyfriend. Actually, getting my boyfriend abroad was in-and-of-itself a trying venture. I am beyond excited, and a little nervous, to say the least. I already know the time will go by way to fast to adequately see each incredible destination, but I also know it will likely be the best time of our lives.

Phase one begins tomorrow: Oktoberfest in Munich


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