Welcome to Fort Collins

This week, for the first time since I moved here in April 2014, my parents visited Fort Collins. It was so great to not only spend time with them, but to finally be able to show them a taste of the many things I love about Fort Collins – sampling from the major draws of Old Town, the breweries, and mountain hikes. Based on my sister’s visit last April, and my boyfriend’s parent’s visit not long after, I already had a tentative itinerary of must-do’s ready for their arrival. And it got me thinking. Lots of people take vacations to Northern Colorado, meaning it’s not only a great home but a popular destination area. And while I’m all for wandering, those not lucky enough to have a local host may quickly be overwhelmed by all the possibilities or miss a worthwhile spot without specific direction. So, in honor of my love for hosting out-of-towners in my amazing (somewhat new) home.. this will serve as the intro for a series of “Destination FoCo” posts. They will be posted here and there and collected over time – but all dedicated to attractions and activities that best represent Fort Collins.


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