Auf Wiedersehen Berlin

I am sad to leave Berlin. It has been an extremely stimulating, stressful, enjoyable, and as always, eye-opening experience. And while I feel like Berlin has given me so much, I know this incredible city still has so much more to offer. It has seen such monumental events and heart-aching stories of the suffering, influence and resilience of its people. … More Auf Wiedersehen Berlin


I don’t know that I’ve ever spent so much un-interrupted time holed up in coffee shops, or drank such budget-breaking amounts of coffee in exchange for enduring focus and precious Wi-Fi access. But one setback after another, and countless unwelcome surprises later, here I am. Spending my last days in Berlin staring at page after page of … More Whew…

Groβer Tiergarten Park Review

Before becoming Berlin’s most enormous and popular park, the Groβer Tiergarten Park (big game park) originally functioned as private royal hunting ground dating back as far as the 16th century. Friederich the Great opened the first public gardens in 1740, and since then  monuments, memorials, and sites have been incorporated throughout the serene green spaces. … More Groβer Tiergarten Park Review

Berlin Food Finds

In spite of several well-meaning – but unwarranted – warnings about the feasibility of animal-friendly eating in Berlin, I have found it to be the epitome of vegan-food heaven. And I think it’s safe to assume that the world’s largest vegan grocery store chain (Veganz), Europe’s biggest vegan summer festival (Veganes Sommerfest), and world’s first … More Berlin Food Finds

Victory Column Review

Initial designs for this famous monument began in 1864 to celebrate the Danish­Prussian War. It wasn’t until two more wars and six years later, however, that the completed Victory Column became the first national monument of the German Empire. Poised atop the 67 meter column, Victoria the Goddess of Victory ­ affectionately referred to by … More Victory Column Review

OK Berlin, I See You

When people talk about Berlin as being cultured or global, they aren’t just using these common European catchphrases without justification. It’s undeniably true. The influence of Berlin’s harried history does not remain hushed or hidden, but is tangibly on display in the memorials, monuments, meaning, and wealth of accessible information scattered throughout its streets. Acknowledging … More OK Berlin, I See You

Beers & Blogs

Craft beers & blogging, what could be better. As I sit and recap the past few days, I can think of no better way to spend the time than holing up in said locally-started coffee shop (see previous post), sipping craft beers from Germany, Norway, and America to name a few. Since I last checked-in, the primary focus has been program details … More Beers & Blogs