Berlin Food Finds

In spite of several well-meaning – but unwarranted – warnings about the feasibility of animal-friendly eating in Berlin, I have found it to be the epitome of vegan-food heaven. And I think it’s safe to assume that the world’s largest vegan grocery store chain (Veganz), Europe’s biggest vegan summer festival (Veganes Sommerfest), and world’s first totally vegan avenue (Schivelbeiner Straβe) – all located in Berlin – would agree. Not only do the majority of Berlin eateries offer several tasty vegetarian and vegan options, but there are 40-and-counting cafes dedicated solely to vegan fare. A number that more than doubles when expanded to include vegetarian fare. So while I cannot properly compile a list of “best” vegan options in Berlin, even if I had a lifetime to do so, I can at least provide a short list of places I can personally vouch for.

Club Burger

Overview: I discovered this tiny, hole-in-the-wall cafe pretty early on (see Beers & Blogging). Club Burger serves a fairly large menu of meat, vegetarian, and vegan burgers alongside pizza, sandwhiches, fries, and other sides. With an authentic, down-to-earth feel, a single friendly employee capably handles both the cash register and grill.

What I enjoyed: Tofu Veggie Burger | ~€4 (can opt for a “meal deal” for ~€7)

Pro-tip: Pairs perfectly with Berliner Pilsner 😉

Practical Info

Location: Torstaβe 64 | 10119 Mitte

Nearest Public Transportation Stop: 142, M8, N2, U2 | U Rosa-Luxemburg Platz

Open Hours: Monday-Thursday | 11:00-2:00AM, Friday-Saturday | 11:00-4:00AM, Sunday | 12:00-1:00AM

Mobile.clubB3 DSCN0298 (2)

Hummus & Friends

Overview: The first time I passed Hummus & Friends I had to literally stop myself from staring at the giant, gorgeously-garnished bowl of hummus a customer was enjoying on the front cobblstone patio. Featuring hummus, ful, tahini, and quinoa, their meager but mouthwatering menu is all fresh, kosher, and vegetarian (mostly also vegan), and is generally served with pita bread. Although they have a spacious, clean, earthy-chique inside and patio seating available, I took mine to go and ate at the park across the street.

What I enjoyed: Quinoa-Grilled Zucchini with a side of Pita | €3,50

Pro Tip: If your dish doesn’t come with pita, get it as a side anyway – totally makes it!

Practical Info

Location: Oranienburger Straβe 27 | 10117 Mitte

Nearest Public Transportation Stop: Monbijouplatz | M1, M5

Open Hours: Sunday-Saturday | 9:30-00:00 (or last customer)

DSCN0414 (3) DSCN0419 (2)

The Juicery

Overview: Exactly what it sounds like, this tiny takeaway sells organic juices starting at €3,90 and superfood smoothies starting at €4,90. Made with purified energized water and the garden of ingredients adorning the walls on both sides, these vegan, nutrient-dense drinks provide the perfect pick-me-up. It is, however, a bit pricey for Berlin, especially considering you can buy a full non-liquid meal for similar cost elsewhere.

What I enjoyed: Yellow Detox 300 ml – pineapple, zucchini, apple, lemongrass, lime | €3,90

Pro Tip: While the limited crate-style seating, wifi, and educational reading material do offer the option to stick around, the juices and smoothies are meant for takeaway.

Practical Info

Location: Eberswalder Straβe 2 |  10435 Mitte

Nearest Public Transportation Stop: Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark | M10

Open Hours: Monday-Friday | 7:30-18:00

Saturday-Sunday | 9:00-18:00

DSCN0466 (2) Mobile.kaschk3 (2)

Mauerpark Flea Market Food Trucks

Overview: I realize this is not an actual restaurant, and that I already posted about it in a review. However, considering I went back a second Sunday in a row just for the vegan pizza, I thought that was reason enough to include it as a foodie feature as well. Enjoy cheap prices and tasty options representative of nearly every imaginable ethnicity, while browsing the shops, relaxing in the park, or enjoying a full scale of impressive to hilariously-aweful karaoke.

Pro-tip: Bring a friend along and split a number of dishes to allow a broader sampling!

What I enjoyed: Stone-fire Veggie Pizza | €4,50

Practical Info: see Mauerpark Flea Market Review

DSCN0330 DSCN0343 (2)

Cafe Vux

This simplistic vegan cafe has distinguished itself amid the myriad of counterparts in Berlin as the go-to destination for animal-friendly eaters looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. Homemade daily, the large selection of baked goods at Café Vux ranges from €2.50-3 and is constantly changing – a process which permeates the dining area with mouthwatering smells, wafted in via the swinging kitchen door. Deserts don’t hog the entire respectably-sized menu at Café Vux. The seitan-salami sandwich, spilling over with crunchy peanut sauce, could fool the most diehard meat-eater, while a variety of drinks including fair-trade organic coffee, lavender drinking chocolate, tropical smoothies, and specialty tea continue the cafe’s trend of kind, healthy, and tasty options.

What I enjoyed: Pumpkin seed bagel sandwich w/veggies + hummus |  €3,50

German chocolate cherry cake, topped with a refreshingly light vanilla soy-creme frosting | €3

Practical Info

Address: Wipperstraβe 14 | 12055 Nuekölln

Nearest Public Transportation Stop: S41, S42, S45, S46, S46; U7 | S + U Nuekölln

Open Hours: Wednesday-Saturday | 12:00-19:00, Sunday | 12:00-18:00


DSCN0862 (2) DSCN0871 (2)

Fruit King Cous Cous

Overview: While this is not technically a cafe, if you spend any amount of time in Berlin, you won’t get to far before figuring out what I’m talking about. Every tram, train, bus, and subway station has a food stand or convenience store selling these delightful containers of flavor-bursting orange cous cous. They cost less than €3, can literally be bought while on-the-go, and suffice as a delicious, vegan, and healthy meal. A perfect alternative to the abundant temptation of baked goods and pretzel bread that many a starving, hurried travellor has succumbed to.



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