Mauerpark Flea Market Review

Cash-wielding crowds of Berlin locals and visitors alike can be found spending their Sundays shopping the city’s most popular flea market, located off the busy Bernauer Straβe.

Rain or shine, with rare exception, bargain-hunters browse the vast rows of nearly 100 white topped tents. Sample Kaiser’s Pflaume Ingwer in Honig (plum ginger honey) while enjoying the eclectic audio offerings flowing from behind various booths. Stroll past vintage vinyl album collections – complete with antique tunes – unabashed Nike tanks fronting techno beats, and eco-friendly screen-printers streaming Tame Impala rock and selling ironic “Life is too short to learn German” t-shirts.

DSCN0736 (2) DSCN0739 (2)

The tantalizing smells flowing from food stalls divulge an enticing array of options sure to satisfy foodie cravings and wallets for just €2-7, whether it’s fire-roasted vegan pizza, Japanese pfannkuchen, or authentic Indian börek from Mama’s Food Manufakture. Step off the cobblestone streets and kickback with a cold beer, fresh mint tea, or hot espresso in any of the scattered biergarten oasis areas, complete with shoe-sinking sandy floors and lively local bands.

MPFR3 DSCN0334 (2)

As the day progresses, satisfied consumers may find themselves assembling along the street just outside the market admiring local musical talent, picnicking in the nearby park, or making their way up the short path leading to the colorful, graffiti-coated stretch of Berlin Wall after which Mauerpark (wall park) is named.

DSCN0442 DSCN0455

Pro Tip: If you wait to meander to the market until mid-to-late afternoon on a sunny day, you will be able to catch the Bearpit Karoke. It takes place from 3-7p.m. just outside the tents in Mauerpark’s outdoor amphitheater. I truly can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday.

DSCN0753 (3) DSCN0756 (3)

Practical Info:

Location: Bernauer straβe 63-64 | 13355 Mitte

Nearest Public Transportation Stop: Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark | M10

Open Hours: Sundays | 9:00-18:00



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