OK Berlin, I See You

When people talk about Berlin as being cultured or global, they aren’t just using these common European catchphrases without justification. It’s undeniably true.

The influence of Berlin’s harried history does not remain hushed or hidden, but is tangibly on display in the memorials, monuments, meaning, and wealth of accessible information scattered throughout its streets. Acknowledging the past, honoring those affected, and paying tribute to its lasting effects with no limits defining where the bounds of such sites may or may not exist.

You can see the unanimous value placed by the people of Berlin on art and expression through the eclectic collections found on every imaginable surface and in various settings across the city. From colorful, graffiti-coated stretches of the notorious Berlin Wall to proper and pristine art galleries often dedicated to specific populations or significant periods of time.

Berlin’s modernizing global efforts, continuously reinventing itself, won’t fail to impress foodies, fashionistas, and entrepreneurs alike. Especially taking into account the not-so-long-ago restrictions and limitations imposed on this once streamlined city during more troubling times. The obvious resilience of Berliners and the incredible depth of their story is something to be admired and, I’m realizing, seems surprisingly addictive. There’s a reason intrigued outsiders keep coming back for more.. I have to admit, I’m falling for you, Berlin.


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