Beers & Blogs

Craft beers & blogging, what could be better.

As I sit and recap the past few days, I can think of no better way to spend the time than holing up in said locally-started coffee shop (see previous post), sipping craft beers from Germany, Norway, and America to name a few.

Since I last checked-in, the primary focus has been program details – specifically timelines, guidelines, and other sorts of “lines” to follow. I am anxious to begin the leg work, but for now am content to get back to the food focus aspect of this blog and share my latest gastronomical find: Club Burger – located in the historical and centrally located Mitte region of Berlin.

Seemingly contradictory but surprisingly delicious, Club Burger features several vegan-, and even more vegetarian-, friendly options alongside signature beef patties. Including my new favorite: a tasty tofu burger topped with juicy grilled veggies inside a soft-centered, delightfully crispy bun, complete with Berliner Pilsner brew (what else). Full foodie feature forth-coming..



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