Challenge Accepted

Vegan is easy. Vegan is freeing and fun and healthy (if you do it right). Gluten-free Vegan is proving to be another story.

My last day at the clinic is Saturday, and as is the customary, unspoken parting ritual, I will be bringing a sweet treat to share. This in and of itself would be a fairly new endeavor for me. I love to cook. I don’t bake. It is my own personal preference that if I am going to spend money on ingredients and time in the kitchen, I am going to make something tasteful, nourishing, and meal worthy.. Not sugary, calorically dense, and as a whole (generally) unhealthy that I have to stop myself from eating more of after a socially acceptable amount.

But back to the gluten-free. While I would have no problem simply subbing out animal-based items in exchange for animal-friendly ones, one of the vet techs is also gluten-free. And not the lax fad kind – it is due to strict, medically necessary dietary restrictions. Though it is definitely not expected as a general rule at the clinic that everything brought in lives up to GF friendly standards, I want everyone to be able to participate in this shooting star of an experience and enjoy my baking. So puppy chow it is.

Vegan GF Puppy Chow Ingredients:

  • 1 bag V/GF chocolate chips
  • 1 cup V/GF peanut butter
  • 1 Tbsp. V/GF coconut oil
  • 1 box chex-like cereal of choice
  • Powdered sugar to coat (the V/GF kind, obviously)

My V/GF ingredients of choice..


Baking (can I even call it that?) Directions:
  • Over medium-low heat melt oil, chips, and pb
  • Turn off heat, pour entire box into pot and mix with rubber spatula until evenly coated
  • Dump a good amount of powdered sugar into a paper grocery bag
    • (you know, the one you guiltily grabbed that one time you forgot your re-usable bags at home)
  • Dump chocolatey chex into bag, cover with more sugar, close, shake, and nom.

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